The Girl Who Could Not Draw

Once upon a time, a girl named Rosie broke the law of Igboland, a kingdom in the Empire. The people of the kingdom said she would be banished unless she drew the king’s golden pillows with a pencil. Rosie cried because she couldn’t even draw a stroke of one hair strand. She was given three days to draw King’s pillows or else get banished.

This drawing made the king laugh!

This made the king laugh!

On the third and last day, people wore costumes and gathered to celebrate Rosie’s banishment. She was put onto a truck to be exported, and as soon as she started to say her last prayers, some horns were blown and the soldiers looked back and saw a guy crying. The guy, named Jeff, had broken the law also and was also sentenced to banishment – unless he drew the king’s sweaty handkerchief, which of course, he couldn’t draw. Nonetheless, he was crying louder than Rosie. His crying face looked “epic and priceless” in front of the king.

This amused the king so much that the king ordered Rosie to draw Jeff’s crying face instead of the golden pillows. Because Jeff was facing Rosie, she was able to draw him while looking at his crying face. Her inability to draw caused the outcome of the drawing to look “humiliatingly hilarious” according to the king. The king had a sudden brief heart attack from laughing at the poorly drawn crying face, but survived it, and therefore commanded the soldiers to release Jeff and Rosie, removing their sentence of banishment. Moreover, the king made them his heirs.

Two years later, Jeff proposed to Rosie in the king’s palace festival that took place in European and African imperial wedding ceremony, and they married each other. The king was overly impressed by them that he actually promoted them into lordship. So they are living happily ever after. Queen of Igboland blessed Rossie and promoted her to be the first female knight in the European and African Empire, where Rossie got an emperor’s attention, leading to the emperor promoting her to be the Lady Supreme of the European and African Empire, making her rank equally with the king and queen of the kingdom of Igboland, but slightly below the emperor and empress. Jeff became the king’s Supreme Wizard because he successfully predicted many things — everyone had become nervous now because he had just predicted some things called “Facebook” and “Twitter”, saying that those things would keep some families and friends more together, but also break others apart, and might also ruin the lives and futures of many people.

— The End —

By Ogechi, author of © 2012.