How to Draw a Christmas Tree Step by Step

Learn how to draw a Christmas tree (in kawaii style) step by step using this drawing guide. You can learn by drawing along while watching the video, or by using the pictures to practice. Drawing a Christmas tree is fun and easy. I wonder what Christmas would be without the tree. Think about it. That seems impossible, doesn’t it? Now, get more into the Christmas mood and start drawing a Christmas tree!

How to Draw an Ornament Step by Step

How to draw an ornament step by step: Follow along by drawing along while watching the video or using the pictures to practice, and you will master how to draw a Christmas ornament. To draw an ornament, start by drawing a circle. The ornament is one of the things that increase the Christmas spirit! It is also easy and fun to draw.

How to Draw a Reindeer Step by Step

Here is how to draw a reindeer step by step, in a kawaii style! You should draw along while you watch the video; you can also use the pictures to practice. Reindeer is usually a symbol of Christmas that maintains or increases the Christmas spirit. It is really easy and fun to draw, particularly in kawaii style that makes it cute and fashionable throughout the holiday. Now start drawing!

How to Draw Santa’s Sleigh Step by Step

How to draw Santa’s Sleigh step by step: It’s easy and fun to draw Santa on his sleigh! Start by drawing a smooth line at the bottom for the lower part. It is best to draw while watching this video, or using the pictures to learn. Santa Claus and his sleigh are some of the most popular figures of the Christmas season. Start drawing along now. Merry Christmas!