How to Draw Easter Bunny Step by Step

Learn how to draw an Easter bunny with this step by step tutorial. Draw along while watching the video, or follow the step by step instructions under the video. Have a safe, fun Easter time! Don’t forget to eat some chocolate Easter bunnies too. 😀

This video drawing guide will help you draw an Easter bunny faster for fun, with the following step by step tutorial, 7 steps:

  1. Draw the shape of the head of the bunny (might take a few tries) – a bunny’s head is usually shaped like light bulb.
  2. Draw the bunny’s eyes and nose.
  3. Draw the bunny’s mouth.
  4. Draw the shape of the bunny’s body.
  5. Draw the bunny’s ears.
  6. Draw the bunny’s limbs.
  7. Shade your drawing.


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