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How to Draw a Heart (Shape) Step by Step

Learn how to draw a heart with this easy step by step tutorial. You should learn by drawing along while watching the video, or using the pictures to practice. I find it one of the easiest things to draw on a whiteboard or chalk board. The heart shape represents love. Using the symbol ♥ or <3 in a text is becoming very common in modern popular culture. The heart is one of the simplest common shapes to draw. Here we add some twist by including three-dimensional (3D) features to the drawing.

How to Draw a Toothpaste Step by Step

How to draw a toothpaste tube – learn by drawing along while watching this video, or by using the pictures to master it. Some toothpaste brands claim to whiten our teeth, while others claim to keep our teeth super healthy. Almost all of us use the toothpaste to cleanse our mouth twice daily. But if we were all asked to explain what we do only just by drawing, could we all do that? Drawing a toothpaste tube is actually easy and fun, so start drawing now!

How to Draw a Book Step by Step

How to draw an open book and a closed book: This drawing guide shows you how you can draw a book in two different ways step by step — a closed book and an open book. You can learn by watching the video. You may also practice with the pictures. Books are a very important medium of knowledge, entertainment and expression, even at this modern time in which the internet and television are dominating. Start drawing!

How to Draw Music Symbols Step by Step

Learn how to draw music symbols with this step by step drawing guide. Draw along while watching this video; you may also use the pictures to practice. Musical things like music symbols are really fun and easy to draw, and in this tutorial I show you how to draw some musical notes. Music is part of our daily lives. Many movies and TV shows have music in them. Many stores play some music in background when we shop. Start drawing music notes now!