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How to Draw a Toilet Step by Step

How to draw a toilet step by step. Draw along while watching the video, or using the pictures to learn. The toilet is a place people visit almost daily for health reasons, no matter the status of their health. A friend once asked, “Why is it a taboo to talk about visiting the toilet?” And someone else replied, “It isn’t. Only the people of the West make it a big deal, when in fact they all visit the toilet.” Start drawing now!

How to Draw a House Step by Step

This is how to draw a house step by step. It is best to learn by drawing along while watching this video, or using the pictures to practice. You can find houses in every country of the world. There are usually smaller houses in townships and villages, while there are larger houses in big cities. It is really easy and fun to draw a house. So just pick up your paper and pencil and start drawing along now!

How to Draw a Village Step by Step

Learn how to draw a village step by step with this easy tutorial. You should draw along while watching the video; you can also use the pictures to practice. Drawing a village can be fun because it involves drawing a lot of houses and trees, which are usually found in most villages. A village is usually smaller than a town, which is usually smaller than a city. Now start drawing!