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How to Draw a Banana Tree or Plantain Tree Step by Step

Learn how to draw a banana tree (or plantain tree) with this step by step guide. Draw along while watching the video; you may also practice with the pictures. Culturally, the main difference between bananas and plantains is that you must cook plantains before you can eat them, while you can eat a fresh ripe banana whenever you wish. But as for the trees of the two, they are really identical. Now start drawing!

How to Draw a Tulip Flower Step by Step

Drawing flowers is fun and easy. Learn how to draw a tulip flower step by step with this easy tutorial — You can learn by drawing along with this video or you may use the pictures to practice. My advice is that instead of shading your drawing with pencil, you should use a color pencil or other coloring tool to make your flower colorful and more beautiful.

How to Draw a Cornfield Step by Step

This is how to draw a cornfield. You can learn by drawing while watching this video, or you can use the pictures to practice. With this step by step guide, you will soon be able to draw a cornfield. Drawing a cornfield requires a bit of imagination. With your pencil and a great enthusiasm, you will find that drawing a cornfield is much easier than you thought. Start drawing now.