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How to Draw a Dress Step by Step

How to draw a dress step by step. I wonder how many girls can do without a dress for a week. Well, that’s not counting those accustomed to pants or not-so-girlie wear. But because hardly can most people draw a dress, I present to you this digital step by step tutorial on how to draw a dress. You can use the pictures to learn, or draw along while watching the video.

This tutorial is under “How to draw clothes”.

How to Draw a Suitcase Step by Step

Learn how to draw a suitcase with this easy step by step guide. Most travelers and commuters find suitcases and briefcases very necessary. You can learn how to draw a suitcase by drawing along with this video, or using the pictures to practice. The first step in drawing a suitcase is to start from drawing the upper lines. Grab your pencil now and start drawing along!

How to Draw an Umbrella Step by Step

This is how to draw an umbrella step by step. The most popular thing we do with umbrellas is protect ourselves from rain, but many European countries actually use umbrella as part of fashion or to show superiority or fame over others — according to what I saw in many European movies and shows.

How to Draw Shoes Step by Step

Here’s how to draw a shoe, step by step. I like wearing formal shoes for some reason, unlike some of friends who would go to work wearing sneakers if permitted. So in today’s episode of drawing, I present to you a digital step by step tutorial on how to draw a shoe. You can use the pictures to learn, or much easier, draw along with the video.