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How to Draw a Prom Dress Step by Step

This is how to draw a prom dress step by step. Draw along while watching the video. Alternatively, you can use the pictures to practice. The prom is very important to many high school students. I prefer senior prom. I once heard someone ask, “Why would anyone go to a junior prom?” I was a junior at that time and I said, “Hey I heard that!” But I later found out he or she was right. I’ve made a couple of other clothing-related drawing tutorials as well. Start drawing!

How to Draw a Tank Top Step by Step

Here is a tutorial on how to draw a tank top step by step. You should draw along while you watch the video; you can also use the pictures to learn. I have only discovered recently that men wear tank tops too, or at least there is a version of tank top made for men. But this drawing deals with a female tank top. I believe that male tank tops are basically some kind of a basic shirt. Look up shirt if you want that tutorial instead. Start drawing a tank top now!

How to Draw Wristwatch Step by Step

How to draw a wristwatch step by step: Drawing a watch is easy and fun. Draw along while watching this video; you may also use the pictures to learn. Even though more mobile electronics ship with a clock nowadays, a lot of people I know still like to wear watches. The wristwatch is essential to most fashionable people, hikers, mountain climbers, sprinters, joggers and the like.