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How to Draw Your Own Cartoon Character Step by Step

Drawing your own cartoon characters may seem difficult, but in reality is very easy. All you need is a little thinking and imagination, especially if you’re trying to create a character to be used repeatedly, such as in movies or comic books. Learn how to create a character in these easy steps:

  1. Think about what your character should look like. Is that a girl? Boy? Animal? Superhero?
  2. Start a sketch once you’ve decided. Draw the face of your character. This is a tricky part, but you can do it step by step watching the video at the bottom of this article.
  3. Now that you have the face, draw the body of your character. Tip for drawing human animals: be sure to include some features that would make the character make human expressions. You can achieve this by giving human hands, lips and or legs to the humanized animal.

That’s it! Now double-check to make sure it is the kind of character you intended to create. Watch the following videos to get some more ideas.